Your Health Plan

Let Food Be Thy Medicine...

The Healing Power Of Food

We Provide Holistic Approaches To Treat And Manage The Following

Chronic Fatigue L Ibs L Gluten Sensitivity L Seasonal Allergies L Lactose Intolerance L Diabetes L Obesity L Migraines & Headaches L Arthritis L Inflammation L Sugar/food Addictions L Disruptive Sleep L Stress L Congestion L Skin Problems L Depression L Pms L Hormone Imbalance L Memory Loss L Insulin Resistance L Fatigue L High Cholesterol L High Blood Pressure L Heart Disease

1.Discover Your Why

You Came To Us For A Reason Just Now... Health Issues? Weightloss? Weight Optimization? Enhancement? More Energy?

2.Develop Your Health Plan

Meet With Our Registered Dietitians To Select The Correct And Appropriate Protocol For Your Goals. Every Person Is Different And Together You Will Find The Best Nutrition Path For Yourself. Simplex Health Provides Structure, Support, And A Community That Fits Your Why.


Through Proper Nutrition, Not Only Will You Lose Weight, You Will Become A Better Person Inside And Out.


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