A Simplex Health Success Story

Posted on January 29, 2020

Anthony, a 29-year old male, was struggling with his energy levels while maintaining a busy schedule as a medical student. Anthony came to Simplex Health to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle while juggling the stress of school. Lead Dietitian, Alex Jatzke began working with Anthony on a nutritional plan that would work for him.

Alex created a custom nutrition plan that was sustainable for Anthony’s busy lifestyle. Alex started Anthony on Simplex Health’s scientifically-proven Insulin Optimization Protocol. IOP transitions a patient to an efficient fat-burning metabolic state by lowering levels of insulin through the combination of both diet and time-restricted eating.

Before starting with Simplex Health, Anthony’s diet consisted of whatever was most convenient, no matter how unhealthy it was. Anthony comes from an Italian family, so his diet was made up mostly of bread and pasta. Additionally, Anthony was consuming a lot of sugar, which he was obtaining throughout the day through several sources. Anthony admittedly never thought about how much sugar he was consuming until he started working with Alex, “Sugar in my coffee, a donut from Wawa in the morning, a granola bar or some cookies after lunch. When I stepped back and thought about how much sugar or carbs there were in my diet, it was shocking,” Anthony recalled to Alex.

The consumption of refined sugar can lead to many health issues, including chronic inflammation, diabetes, microbiome imbalance, and more, so intervention was critical to the patient’s health. Alex’s first recommendation was to begin a very low carb diet (VLCD) and to remove sugars and processed carbohydrates.

Anthony began enjoying a large serving of vegetables at dinner instead of starch or carbohydrate. He also began substituting sugary desserts for high-fat, low carb snacks like nuts. Anthony also added the occasional fast to his treatment plan. He quickly realized that this was a shift in mindset just as much as it was a shift in what he ate.

IOP offers plenty of delicious options for sit-down dinners as well as meals on the go. Anthony has found that through this dietary change, he has become a better cook, and he and his wife enjoy learning new recipes and cooking together.

Anthony has been working with Alex for one year; at the beginning of his treatment, they were meeting bi-weekly. The frequency of appointments allowed Alex and Anthony to make adjustments to his treatment so he could see the best results. Now, they meet once a month for maintenance and check-ins. In the first 11 months, Anthony lost 104 pounds.

Anthony’s tailored protocol allowed him to develop a new relationship with food. Besides the weight loss, Anthony has experienced many other health improvements, including more steady, all-day energy, less hunger and cravings, and improved physical endurance and strength. He says that the only downside to his dramatic weight loss is “all the money [he is] going to have to spend on smaller clothes!”

Anthony has also gone back to the gym for the first time in years and has recently, alongside his wife, completed his first 5k. He is continuing to set health and wellness goals with hopes to complete a triathlon this coming summer. Alex shares, “Like so many others, Anthony tried other diets or exercise programs to lose weight, but couldn’t find anything sustainable...He does not see this as a temporary fix but as a new way of life. Sharing in his incredible journey has been one of the best experiences of my career”.

If you wish to meet with a Simplex Health Registered Dietitian about a nutrition plan that works for you, please schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation with a Patient Success Coordinator.


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