Visionary Wellness Partners joins the Simplex Health Brand

August 5, 2019

For Immediate Release


Ambler, PA—Visionary Wellness Partners, a wellness center and program management company announced it is changing its corporate name to Simplex Wellness. The company's name change is a result of Visionary Wellness Partners becoming part of the Simplex Health brand. This change reflects both companies' broader commitment to health and wellness.

Simplex Wellness provides professional fitness staffing and on-site management solutions for organizations desiring to provide their employees, members, or tenants. Becoming part of the Simplex Health brand allows Simplex Wellness to provide its clients with unified, one-stop customer experience. Their clients will be offered a suite of services that focus on both exercise and the often overlooked nutrition component when designing a wellness plan.

"Over the past four years, we've built a strong reputation for our focus on transformative health and wellness methods," said David Rambo, Simplex Health's Founder & CEO. "It only feels natural to expand our mission by unifying under one brand; this will allow us to leverage resources more efficiently, reduce duplication costs but most importantly provide an integrative experience, which is where wellness needs to go."

Simplex Health implements the functional medicine model into healthcare, corporate, and personal health settings by administering nutrition protocols and behavioral therapies that align with the Institute of Functional Medicine. Simplex Health's services are delivered through expertly trained registered dietitians, include evidence-based medical nutrition therapy as well as a Food IQ education curriculums. Their services are insurance funded and can be accessed virtually with live telehealth appointments or in-person at their offices located throughout the greater Philadelphia region.

In all, the Simplex brand embodies an organization that is transformative, forward-thinking, and eager and willing to share the profound healing power that nutrition therapy and fitness can provide. Simplex Wellness joining the Simplex Health brand marks a strategic pivot in our future direction as a health and wellness business.

The official corporate name change will take effect on August 5, 2019.

About Simplex Wellness
Simplex Wellness delivers innovative wellness center & fitness program management solutions to the Delaware Valley region's high profile Landlords, Businesses & Recreation Facilities. Simplex Wellness specializes in facility build-out consultation, design, equipment procurement, facility management, and day to day operations. They deliver entirely custom & 360-degree wellness management and oversight services to ensure our client's tenants and employees have the most user-friendly, engaging experience possible.


Tel: 484-275-0072


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