Unexpected Benefits

A Simplex Health Success Story

Posted August 13, 2019

Megan called Simplex Health to learn more about the programs offered. She wanted to know if Simplex Health was a weight loss program. The answer? Not really. Megan didn’t need to lose weight. She exercised regularly, but she knew her eating habits weren’t healthy.

“This was one of the first nutrition programs I heard about that was not primarily about weight loss,” Megan said.

After consulting with her assigned dietitian, Megan began exploring different foods. She received recipes that could be prepared in a single pan. She added more vegetables and healthier fats into her daily diet. As she continued the program, Megan discovered a love for avocados.

“I never knew how to use them. Now I use them instead of mayonnaise, in salads and in smoothies. It makes the smoothie thicker like a shake,” Megan says.

She also learned she enjoys snow peas.

But that’s not all. Since starting Simplex, Megan has lost about eight pounds. Her head feels clearer, her thought processes are more focused and she has much more energy.

“I’ve learned a lot. Their nutritionists/dietitians have been a great resource for me. They have an app that is always available. If you e-mail with questions there is a very quick response time,” Megan says.

“I can fit into clothes that I couldn’t before,” Megan says. “I wasn’t trying to lose weight but I did and I feel fantastic .”

To verify insurance coverage and book an appointment with a Simplex Health dietitian click here. 


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