Why Focus On Nutrition?

For many years, workplace wellness initiatives put an emphasis on movement - on site fitness locations, gym discounts, fitbit and step monitors. Movement is fundamental, everyone can agree. However, employee healthcare costs continued to rise for most companies. Employers can’t afford to ignore the impact of heart disease, preventative illnesses, and diabetes on their healthcare premiums. With 7 out of 10 adults becoming obese or overweight, this is clear evidence that america is getting fatter and unhealthier. The only way to fix this is to fix nutrition.

Why Partner With Us?

It was not until recently that companies began to realize that nutrition was the missing component to health. Simplex provides onsite nutrition counseling that focuses on the underlying issues of many chronic illnesses and not just pounds lost. With a registered dietitian and a health coach available to your employees, we provide an integrative and modern approach to health and weightloss. Our medical advisory board has reviewed and approved all of our programs as well as hand picked our dietitians to provide the highest quality of support.

leading the corporate wellness revolution

Our priority for all clients is to reach nutritional independence and obtain a level of mindfulness about eating.

Not only is Nutritional Counseling is FREE through most health insurance plans but we will come onsite to your office creating less of a barrier for your employees to gain access!

When an employee progresses through each of these four stages of learning with guided support from our registered dietitians and health coach as they learn to eat mindfully, there are common patterns in the following areas - mood, energy levels, sleep, engagement, & productivity

Your eating behaviors, how you feel overall, your relationship with food, where you invest your energy & attention, what your life looks like.

Working with our Dietitians, we will guide you through the 4 Stages of developing a healthy diet & lifestyle.
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