A Simplex Health Success Story

Posted on August 13, 2019

Charlie, a 38-year-old male, had been managing his type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol with medication for three years before he engaged Simplex Health's Lead Dietitian, Alex Jatzke. Before meeting with Simplex Health, Charlie adjusted his diet and took himself off medication, but after going back to his old ways, his A1c went back up. He knew that he needed some additional help.

Charlie had a goal, he wanted to go off his medication, and he wanted to lower his A1c below 8 so that he would be eligible for Lasik eye surgery.

After consulting with Alex, Charlie was prescribed Simplex15: Restorative Metabolic Protocol. Simplex15 is a 15-day, evidenced-based protocol designed to support the first steps in restoring your body's metabolic health. With the support of a Simplex Health Registered Dietitian using a functional medicine approach, Simplex15 teaches you the why and how to eliminate your unhealthy cravings, balance hormones, reduce inflammation, stimulate weight loss, and improve mental clarity and energy levels.

Charlie was ready for dietary change; he had done it before. He prepared for another low-carb diet that would leave him feeling drained and hungry. Alex was able to identify that the patient was not consuming enough protein or fat previously, which lead to his hunger and energy loss. Per Alex's recommendation, Charlie began a customized low-carb diet and eliminated sugars and processed carbohydrates.

Previously, Charlie’s diet consisted of soda, processed foods like chips, high sugar foods like donuts, and eating out for lunch daily, which lead to his health issues, weight gain, and lack of energy.

Today, Charlie's custom diet consists of eating protein, healthy fats, and lots of vegetables at all meals, and snacking on nuts if needed. He was able to eliminate his craving for sugar and reduced his need for snacking because his hunger was so much more in control with Alex's dietary recommendations. Now that Charlie has stabilized his cravings and hunger, he has begun fasting two days per week.

After starting his tailored Simplex15 protocol Charlie started to see improvements in his overall health. Charlie's experienced increased energy levels that lead to morning exercises, afternoon walks, and he no longer experiences the afternoon crash. After three months of beginning his treatment with Simplex Health, Charlie lost 30 lbs.

However, that's not all; Charlie has eliminated the need for medication. He has lowered his glucose from 266 to 84 and dropped his A1c from 10.8 to 5.9. In addition to his successes with reversing his type 2 diabetes, Charlie has lowered his cholesterol from 244 to 144, and triglycerides from 584 to 93.

“Helping patients like Charlie eliminate the need for medication, regain quality of life, and reverse disease embodies Simplex Health,” says Alex “experiences like this are what make our role as dietitians so rewarding”.

Charlie recently had a successful Lasik eye surgery and is thankful for having his life back. "Thank you so much for saving my life," Charlie exclaimed to Alex during their most recent appointment.

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