About Simplex

Simplex Health is a clinical nutrition practice based in functional medicine concepts empowering our clients through innovative and progressive approaches to build a sustainable lifestyle.

Our sustainable approach requires no complex calorie counting, no meal planning and real food.  Where appropriate, we incorporate the sensible use of pharmacologics to assist in the re-balancing process.


We believe the path to better health, effortless weight loss, reversing 'dis-ease' and igniting your energy levels must move beyond conventional thinking. SIMPLEX HEALTH unites a fresh approach applying our doctor-approved, integrative programs to re-balance and harmonize the whole person.

What is a ‘healthy’ food?

1. It promotes a healthy psychological response
2. It promotes a healthy hormonal response
3. It supports a healthy gut
4. It supports immune function and minimizes inflammation
-From “It Starts with Food” Melissa & Dallas Hartwig


David A. Rambo, Founder & C.E.O.
Dr. Avrahom Gurwitz IFM, Medical Director
Emily Corbett H.C, Director of Operations

Carrie Burden, Strategic Coordinator

When you work with Simplex Health, our Dietitians have been selected based on their philosophies on food & nutrition. They are vetted by our Medical Advisory Board so you get the highest quality of Dietitians available to you that subscribe to our philosophies on health and nutrition. Along with your sessions, you also gain access to a Holistic Health Practitioner who is available for added support.